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Advisory Board

The Graduate Research Academy RNA Biology is managed by the Scientific Advisory Board consisting of two principal investigators, the managing director of the Graduate Research Academy and two PhD students.
In general the board is responsible for the strategic orientation, decides about the use of the funds and provides for transparency. Furthermore the board supports the coordinator in its work with regard to all organizational and technical issues.

The board members of the Graduate Research Academy will be elected every two years by the members of the SFB 960.


Board Members



Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dresselhaus
Cell Biology & Plant Biochemistry
Phone: +49(0)941-943-3016
Email: thomas.dresselhaus[at]ur.de



Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Christoph Engel
Structural Biochemistry
Phone: +49(0)941-943-2718
Email: christoph.engel[at]ur.de



Principal Investigator

PD Dr. Jan Medenbach
Biochemistry I
Phone: +49(0)941-943-1721
Email: Jan[at]




PhD Representative

Alice Griselin, M. Sc. (since January '20)
Biochemistry I
Phone: +49 (941) 943 2825
Email: alice.griselin[at]vkl.uni-regensburg.de




PhD Representative

Michael Jüttner, M. Sc. (since January '20)
Biochemistry III
Phone: +49 (941) 943 2493
Email: michael.juettner[at]vkl.uni-regensburg.de



Management Office



Carolin Apfel (M. A.)

Phone: +49(0)941-943-3111
Email: Carolin.Apfel[at]ur.de


Kinga Ay (M. A.)

Phone: +49(0)941-943-3111
Email: Kinga.Ay[at]ur.de




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